4 Reasons Why Video Works For Online Marketing

Speaking of Video, here is an article that we ran into that addresses some key points about creating a Marketable Video and is worth checking out.  However, and as you will witness, their video was NOT amateurish or done using a cell phone.  As you will also notice, he needs a haircut, right?

I was inspired to shoot this video after reading this article at Forbes.com about the power of video. They referenced these 4 components, researched by Susan Weinschenk at the Weinschenk Institute, that explain why people are so drawn to watching video. I’ve personally found that I get much better response from users to my videos than similar content that’s just written out.There are plenty more reasons why video is a fantastic tool for online marketing, but I’m going to save that for another video. One thing that I always want to accomplish with my videos is to focus in on ONE thing and not do the “shotgun” approach to video. That’s much more effective.

Source: 4 Reasons Why Video Works For Online Marketing

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