Comic Capers at McKenzie Brew House

If you’ve ever been to McKenzie Brew House in Malvern and wondered what goes on downstairs, it’s generally rented out for private parties and corporate events.

Marc Staudenmaier

If you’ve been there recently on a Monday night and heard music, laughter and applause echoing up the stairs — that’s B&C’s Comedy Open Mic Night, a 2019 addition to the McKenzie ‘menu’!  We stumbled on it one Monday night while heading home, cruising down Route 30, saw the marquee and couldn’t resist investigating.  We think it’s a great idea because laughter can be the best medicine. Plus, it gives local talent the opportunity to strut their stuff…and kick off the week with a laugh.  Monday’s are a joke anyway – right?

Tom Conners

Brainchild of Cisco Hernandez and Brendan Donegan, the Open Mic Night gives local comedians a forum to hone their craft, shake off the nerves, and do a five minute set in front of a live audience of their peers and the public. Katie is the resident bartender who always serves up brews, cocktails, and menu orders with a smile. Hang at the bar or park yourself at one of the tables gracing the stage and show some local love by cheering on these guys and gals – it definitely takes some brass to perform in public!

Steve George

Every Monday night it’s FREE admission so…

(1) if you have a secret yearning for the spotlight and a knack for making ’em laugh, get on board. Sign up starts at 7:30 PM.
(2) if you just want a cure for those Manic Mondays, come out for some good food, brews, and laughs! Show starts at 8:00 PM.

Albert Davis

The cast of comic characters changes weekly, but there are some regulars who have come out each week and give it their all, adding a little spit and polish to their material each time to make it even better. A little irreverent and Non-PC at times, but that’s what Comedy is all about, the ability to make people laugh and not take things personally!

Chris Dolan

Get off the couch, come out and give it a try. Who knows, you may be witnessing the next Seinfeld!

Stay home and it’s just another boring Monday Night – and we had enough of those all Winter! Happy Spring!

Comedy Open Mic Night
Monday Nights
Sign up — 7:30 PM
Show — 8:00 PM
McKenzie Brew House
240 Lancaster Ave.
Malvern, PA 19355

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2 thoughts on “Comic Capers at McKenzie Brew House

  1. I love stand-up and enjoyed the open mic tonight at McKenzie Brew House. I wish I knew about it sooner. Hope tonight was not the last night.

    1. Erica – We loved it too, but unfortunately that was the last night at McKenzie’s. We hope Cisco and the gang find another venue, and if they do, we’ll be happy to share it!

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