All I want for Christmas is…

All I want for Christmas

World Peace would be the ultimate wish come true, but that seems a bit out of my reach.  Maybe if I start small and wish for inner Peace, that would be a stepping stone to achieving greater things. The inner Peace that comes from knowing you’re loved, you’re safe, and that somewhere along the way you’ve made a positive difference in even one person’s life.

It’s been a difficult couple of years.  The loss of my mother sent me spiraling downward like nothing I could have ever imagined.  She was my best friend, my rock, my mentor, and simply the most compassionate woman I’ve ever known.  As one of my siblings so eloquently stated …”She was the glue that held us together…”.  And the funny thing about that is my mother would probably be amazed by that statement, as she didn’t see herself as someone who did anything special in her life. Nothing special? — she had a wonderful marriage, created a loving and fun filled home for her children and countless pets, always went out of her way to show kindness to others, and had a life-long unwavering faith in God no matter what obstacles were thrown in her path.  Her name may not have made the evening news, but the outpouring of emotions I received via cards and letters from people who benefited from just knowing her, confirmed what I had always thought.  My Mother had achieved Peace in her life… and spread it around wherever she could, every day.  On the Tree of Life – she was definitely a Peach.

I miss that guiding light in my life, and I get impatient waiting for that feeling of extreme loss to subside. But I have hope. Hope that in this Season of rebirth and renewal, I will find the strength she instilled in me to achieve that inner Peace… thanks to her it’s part of my DNA.

My Mother always made it a point during the Christmas season to include those who she knew may be feeling the bite of loneliness, with maybe a quick visit, a box of cookies, a ‘thinking of you’ card, or simply a phone call.  She left no stone unturned …and definitely should have had stock in Hallmark – she’d have made herself a rich woman. I try to emulate those qualities, for no other reason than to just make someone smile and be happy in the moment.  Hopefully, she’s smiling and knows she did her job well.  It’s all a Mother can ask – right?

So when reviewing your Christmas Wish List this year, hopefully you’ll include a little piece of Peace for yourself – whatever that entails.  And if you get it – spread it around! Let’s make Peace go viral.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Peace filled New Year!

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