Does your Fashion Boutique need a Boost?

Fashion Shoot at American Helicopter Museum by

If so, then how about strutting your Spring Line with a new twist – a Fun Fashion Shoot!

Charlene of Sorella Boutique in Media stepped Sorella's fun fashion shoot at American Helicopter Museum with MainLineBiz.comoff the traditional catwalk and worked with to do a fabulous photo/video shoot with the raw power of Aviation History attached…and those Ladies definitely got Haute with the Heli’s at the American Helicopter Museum in West Chester.

Spring styles are already turning heads and local fashionistas are always looking for unique trends, so get your Signature LOOK out there with a twist that will capture their attention.

Be forward thinking and Give it a Shot!  Call us  at 610-707-2157 to discuss the details.  We’d love to work with you to make your Boutique a Splash this Spring!

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