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With approximately 700+ new and inquisitive folks (and potential customers) moving into just northern Chester County each month... Wouldn't you like to be on their 'Watch' lists?  We are.  And loving it.

Remember, as these newly established singles and families discover their new landscape, they're also developing 'relationships' with neighbors, as well as Cyber guides.  

And Present your Business in a way that’s typically Exclusive...

Using the term Exclusive because most businesses felt they couldn't afford Professionally Produced Videos. Well, as a Charter Member, in good standing with, that is now only a myth.

As a Charter Member, a seasoned staff member will be assigned to develop campaigns to build, tweak, or enhance your message, and image. Or, if you prefer, hand us what you already have created.  As any successful business owner or professional has come to write checks on, if you're not in front of prospects and customers, surely someone else is.

Simply put -- If you don't stay 'Fresh' you don't stay...

How does one present their business in a unique way?

Option 1


Custom Video

Click here for Summer SpecialVideo has quickly become one of the most important marketing tools a Business Owner can have in their arsenal. Custom videos do more than simply reach out to your Prospects and Customers, they actually engage them and forge a deeper connection. A brief video lets you deliver a pitch that’s not only on target ...but Personal.  Your custom video will include, but not be limited to:

• Up to 60 mins. Location shoot time,
• With a minimum of two HD cameras and
• Wired and/or Wireless Mics and Sound Recording Systems,
• Scripting and/or Set development
• Providing Dollys, Jibs, where needed, as well as,
• Use of Green Screens and "B" Rolls, as required
• Using MP4 formats Produced to easily upload on Social Media pages,
• YouTube, Vimeo, and published for Web pages,
• Edited to your desired length and to
• Prudently get your Message across
• Inclusion of Titling, Logos as provided by Client
• Final Production delivered with any and all Copyrights

Use of additional equipment including cameras and operators, will be greatly discounted but are easily available.

Option 2

Click here for Summer SpecialExclusive Business Listing

Single-Line Listing in multiple categories with links to a Complete Listing
Complete Listings include:
• Company Name
• Physical Address
• Phone & Fax #’s
• Web Address link
• Email Address link
• Social Media links
• Interactive Map to your door
• Business Description
• Spotlight on’s home page

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Option 3

Custom Business FaceBook Page

(Pricing dependent on number of pages, opt in forms, videos, etc.)

Client must have a Personal Facebook page already established. will Create and do Initial Set-up of Business Facebook page to include:

• Custom Header Graphic & Profile pic
• Tabs: Timeline and About
• Apps, 'Take Action' Buttons, Events (if available at time of creation)


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