May 29, 2024

4 Reasons Why Video Works For Online Marketing

Speaking of Video, here is an article that we ran into that addresses some key points about creating a Marketable Video and is worth checking out.  However, and as you will witness, their video was NOT amateurish or done using a cell phone.  As you will also notice, he needs a haircut, right?

I was inspired to shoot this video after reading this article at about the power of video. They referenced these 4 components, researched by Susan Weinschenk at the Weinschenk Institute, that explain why people are so drawn to watching video. I’ve personally found that I get much better response from users to my videos than similar content that’s just written out.There are plenty more reasons why video is a fantastic tool for online marketing, but I’m going to save that for another video. One thing that I always want to accomplish with my videos is to focus in on ONE thing and not do the “shotgun” approach to video. That’s much more effective.

Source: 4 Reasons Why Video Works For Online Marketing

One thought on “4 Reasons Why Video Works For Online Marketing

  1. It’s funny, at least to me, how little people pay attention to their business. “… the ship isn’t sinking, so everything must be okay and doesn’t need my constant attention.” An attitude most over-worked, under-staffed businesses believe. I know of several employees that think it and one that has no problem expressing it, “NMP!” Not that they couldn’t be called to arms in an emergency, but why wait for the avalanche?
    We have all heard about ‘Helicopter Moms’, but who has ever heard of a Helicopter Manager? At least in an affirmative sense. IBM had a great way of handling their issues. Move the manager and if the successes followed, they got to keep their jobs.
    Two things relatively consistent with Management practices, even to this day. Keep job interviews going, and remember, firing your good employee keeps the rest totally insecure.
    Not on most management lists are; every aspect of your team, their efforts and attitudes has a direct effect on a company’s trends. If this is not a key consideration, how does any business keep ahead of trends, forecast properly, and proactively Market?
    Here’s my point; Pinterest, Facebook, SnapChat, even Twitter constantly feature aspects, directly or indirectly, of VIDEOS. And businesses are still not out in front of this??? Articles still have to convince Mom and Pop, to Medium sized Businesses the power of a properly done video???
    No wonder PT Barnum retired…
    Even God has his limits with humans. As we all (excluding Bill Maher) he won’t control free will, but he still won’t allow us to procrastinate on at least two things. Do you know what they are? Going to the bathroom and childbirth.

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