April 17, 2024
Article from Marketing Tech Blog

How Videos Benefit

How Videos Benefit…

The Small Business or Mom and Pop Shop

Any business that sells products or services can benefit from using High Resolution, Clear Sounding, brief but informative Videos to help grow their business. Whether it’s to let prospects know what to expect, customers to see what’s new, or to help newbies to the area get a feel for what you have to offer.

Even though we don’t recommend using the plastic lens found on typical cell phones, or using either a cell phone or tablet’s microphone to capture audio, anything, in this case, is better than nothing. Here is an article by Marketing Tech Blog written in 2014 (old news in tech years), but what it speaks to can still be true today.

As a small business, you must continually think of ways to get your products and services in front of as many people as possible, all without breaking the bank.

A quote from GROW, with the catch phrase, ‘The small business marketing experts’ speaks too about the 8 massive benefits of using You Tube.  Another good read.  but after you have done your home work, consulted others, and maybe even tried accomplishing these feats on your own, call us.  We have the studios, the green screens, the portable, High End Video equipment, and the technology to not only shoot, edit, and produce the video, but we can track segments to measure their potential successes.

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