May 29, 2024

DominoEffect.Net can Perk Up your tired PC!

 $45 Computer Repair • Website Development • Web Hosting


090121_denLogo_colorBlocks2 (2)Since 1989, DominoEffect.Net has been helping small to medium sized businesses, as well as individuals., with all aspects of IT and computer issues.

Set up a convenient time where you can drop it off at their office, and they’ll have it back to you in one day.  Ask about their Same Day Service, too.  Remember, for a total labor fee of $45.00*, they will not only perform a complete analysis, they will also:

  • Clear out Viruses, Malware, and Registry,
  • Tweak your operating system to maximize RAM use and other valuable resources,
  • Ensure no Bloat-ware or misalliances Applications open at “Start-up”,
  • Physically clean out cooling vents, fans, and its case, as well as,
  • Demonstrate how to prevent getting any future issues.

Did you know that PC’s don’t actually become obsolete?  Even if it only has a Pentium, a Pentium 4, or even a Celeron processor, DominoEffect.Net can turn that machine into a fully functional, even desired, and valuable computer.  And, they say it can be a Laptop or Desktop!  So, click here to find out more.


T:  610-996-4200
By Appointment Only Please

Website:   DominoEffect.Net

*Rate does not include “Same Day” or rush orders, and excludes the cost of any parts needed to complete task(s).