June 22, 2024


Be Different • Get Found • Tell Your Story

Contact MainLineBiz.com and find out why we’re different and how we can put you in the Spotlight!  Using the tools all Local Businesses need to make an impact, like High Quality Videos and Photos that Tell Your Story.  Ask about the many different and economical packages we have to offer that will compliment, enhance, or replace what you are currently or planning on doing.   

Making it easier to attract those approximately 700+ new and inquisitive folks (and potential customers), moving into Chester County each Month.

Most, new to the area, and even those existing residents, search the Internet several times a day looking for Events, places to shop, eat, and be entertained.  And those sites that provide unique and succinct answers are the most rewarded with eye’s on, purchases, visits, and even getting shared.

So, why not let us show you how to best Tell Your Story?

Unlike the Yellow Pageor other similar type listings, we’re more like that of a Spotlight On basis.  Whether you’re a ‘Brick and Mortar’ or working from your Home office, we can keep you front and center on our site.

Main Line Biz Complete (MLBC):

Video is a powerful way to tell your story and well produced Videos have quickly become the most important marketing tool ANY Business can have in their arsenal. When done right, Planned well and properly orchestrated videos do more than simply reach out to your Prospects and Customers. They engage them and forge a deeper connection. A brief, but properly messaged, video lets you deliver a pitch that’s not only on target …but will be seen as Personal.  The MainLineBiz Complete video will include, but not be limited to:

  • Shoot at your Location (up to 10 miles travel)
  • Use of at least two HD Cameras, and
  • Incorporating Wired or Wireless Lavaliere Mics, as well as
  • Quality Audio Recording systems
  • Use of Non-Destructive surface Dollys, Jibs, and Cranes (where required and possible)
  • Produced with tasteful graphics, Client Logos (provided by Client), along with Titles, inlays, and the appropriate credits

Selecting this above package also allows use of additional equipment, such as Go Pro Action type cameras, Mic Boom operators, tele-prompters, and the taking of 25 MP still photos (used for “B” Rolls), at greatly discounted prices.  Most importantly, Final Production includes your full Ownership and Copyrights.  Please contact us for full details.

Ask about our Charter Member Package that locks in your membership rate!

Contact us TODAY to get your Business the added exposure it needs to be even more successful.

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