June 22, 2024
What makes you tick

Take your Business to the Next Level

What are Your Business Goals?

• Increase Store Traffic
• Minimize Sales Process
• Maximize Exposure
• Automate Customer Support
• Analyze Attrition
• Utilize Social Media More
• Focus on Branding/Image

Aren’t all of these points equally important?  So, has this been your procedure at the beginning of each new year?  Just like with most New Year’s resolutions, you’re pumped on day one and vowing to move forward with a full head of steam, but somewhere along the way your goals may get sidetracked. Keep your eye on the Prize and even consider some new ways to put your business in the spotlight.

One aspect most businesses don’t consider…  How to best utilize videos?


Video has quickly become one of the most important marketing tools a Business Owner can have in their arsenal. Custom videos do more than simply reach out to your Prospects and Customers, they actually engage them and forge a deeper connection. A brief video lets you deliver a pitch that’s not only on target …but Personal.

Years ago, when “High Speed” connections were on par with DSL, videos were painful to watch.  Waiting for that icon to stop spinning, because of buffering issues or streaming wasn’t able to keep up.

Now, even Cell phones can provide full blown movies over their airwaves.  So, why don’t more businesses utilize such excellent, communicative tools?


Fear factors have prevented most businesses from drilling down any further past “Sticker Shock”.  Who’s going to go to their Boss and say, “Wow, I found a company that will do a video for us for only $62,000.00!”  Of course that’s for only one; which will take days to set up and shoot.  Along with hiring others to provide; Voice-Over’s where desired, the cost for the rights to use Music, and paying a Graphic Artist to add ‘Attention Grabbers’.

Whether you’re promoting what you have to offer, showing off products or services, or if you’d like to cover an event you sponsored —  Not including all of the “extras” (for the aforementioned Music, Voice-Over Talent, and Graphics), a typical expense would be $175.00 per Camera per Operator, and on an hourly basis for each.


And yes, there are companies that will require a lot of your time to film and ‘get in the can’ all that may be needed.  Making a video, if you have ever watched out-takes at the end of a film, typically requires wheel barrels of items.  There should be at least two Cameras to catch as much as they can, in a minimal amount of time.  Lights too, may be necessary to ‘fill-light’ people, products, or situations where one can’t control ambient light – like the sun behind a subject, etc.


Sound quality has to be considered.  ‘Will I end up hearing more background noise or wind howling over what I actually want to hear?’  What does that entail?  Microphone wires strung all over the place?  Will that run into more expenses to have a special ‘Sound Man’ on ‘Set’?  Surely one can’t use an on-camera Mic, if the subject matter is any distance from whichever one is filming.


If you’re still reading and made it this far; Kudos to you.  Because, you will now have  your ‘Ah-ha’ Moment…

Maybe bells and whistles won’t go off but knowing your business will be listed, with all the pertinent and desired information, on the area’s Fastest Growing website, along with all the benefits professionally shot and produced Videos will provide…would be a great start.

For less than it would cost for a single weekend Ad in even a small town newspaper.

Full Page Listing and Professional Videos

MainLineBiz.com will provide all that will be needed to Film, Produce, and Publish for up to one year, Professional Videos for you to proudly display on your Facebook and Web site Pages.  And that’s not all!  You will be given a full page, detailed listing, with Copy about your business, and a mapping right to your front door (if you wish), along with Professionally done Photographs of your place of business, key products, Service Vehicles, and Key Personnel all (including the Video(s)) for as little as $79.99 per month.