June 22, 2024
Helicopter rides at AHMEC

Chopper Rides at American Helicopter Museum & Education Center

If taking to the air in a Helicopter has been on your bucket list, the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center can help make that a reality. Helicopter rides will be offered on Sunday, July 31st beginning at 12:30 PM.

Tickets are not pre-purchased, they are sold on the day of the event. However, gift certificates are offered at the museum gift shop and are good for one year after purchase date and are honored for any time the museum has helicopter rides. Rides cost $60.00 per person.

There is no minimum or maximum age requirement for riders. However, if a rider is under 12 years old, he or she must be accompanied on the ride by a parent or guardian. Rides last 5 minutes. With loading/unloading, the time is approx. 7 minutes. Up to 4 riders can go together on a ride.

Bring the kids…Get on board and get a bird’s eye view of Chester County!