July 16, 2024



MainLineBiz.com is able to shoot video, photographs, or both at your place of business, office, residence, or home based business.  We can provide various lighting conditions (based on access to electrical outlets), various types of microphones and sound recording devices.  And as a unique bonus, we can bring various sized blue, black, or green screen material and, in post, integrate a full range of digital background scenes.


Where best suited for privacy, unique lighting issues and props, our studio’s are available and can economically solve such situations.  Even though having the ability to provide ‘mobile studio technology’ sometimes it’s best to be away from a store or office or home based business environment.

Practically Speaking

Things to consider are who will be participating in your proposed video or photo shoot.  Whether, initially planned or as circumstances prevail, various backdrops, teleprompters, and support staff like make-up artists or wardrobe is a consideration.

MainLineBiz.com offers extensive support in these and other sets of circumstances.  Whether you need a script supervisor, director of photography or just someone to bounce ideas off of, we are here and more than willing to help, whether or not you wish to move forward with us.  Remember, we have had more than 30 years of experience and have dealt with numerous and various media.

Book it, Dano!

Provided with enough advanced notice (minimum one week), MainLineBiz.com can pretty much guarantee booking your project by just simply clicking on the button below and using the “Preferred Date, Time, Other” Section to schedule your project and select the appropriate payment.  If there is a conflict, someone will immediately make you aware and either adjust or provide a full refund.

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