July 16, 2024

Wayne Moving Forward With a Mini-makeover

It’s always disheartening to see elements of our towns along the Main Line fall into disrepair and/or decay. Main Line roots and history run deep and, for many, the landscape evokes childhood memories and cherished times.  Some businesses have come and gone over the years, but Wayne has a consistent bustling business district that manages to maintain that small town feel that we love.

But there comes a time when some upgrades are needed and it looks like Radnor Township and The Wayne Business Association are stepping up to the plate with the removal of approximately 40 trees that were causing problems with the sidewalks, and the replanting of 66 new trees that are more size appropriate!

The Wayne Business Association  stated on social media that “…Residents should understand that the biggest complaint we have heard over the past few years is not about parking, it was about the “look” of the Town. dying trees, crumbling infrastructure ( roads, curbs, and parking lots) etc. This project was championed by residents as well as WBA merchants. We met with each commissioner and Township official to come up with a workable, affordable plan that could be put into place in a timely manner…”

Wayne Business District Resurfacing and Tree Planting Project – Schedule

Wayne Business District Resurfacing and Tree Planting Project – Schedule In co-operation with the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners and the Wayne Business Association, the Wayne Business Overlay District (WBOD) will benefit from a multiphase resurfacing and tree planting project beginning September 9, 2019. This improvement project will include removal of approximately 40 trees and their stumps in the Lancaster Ave. and North Wayne/ South Wayne Ave. area and the replanting of 66 size and specimen appropriate trees.  The project includes pavement repairs and beautification after the area experienced some cracked and buckling sidewalks as the result of inappropriately sized trees. Later in the project there will also be the addition of ADA compliant ramps and the widening of parking spots for ease of access in the WBOD corridor.

Read more at Source: Radnor, PA – Official Website