June 22, 2024
There's always a Special Find at Frazer Antiques

In with the Old and Out with the New


 Multi-dealer • Antiques • Estate Sales

Founded by Barbara Jorda, over 30 years ago and managed by Ruth Donnellan, Frazer Antiques offers a full compliment of antiques, jewelry, china, cabinets and furniture, as well as an incredible assortment of Lamps (both hanging and table).

furniture5With 26 Independent Dealers staffing the store seven days a week, barring major Holidays, each are more than willing to assist the novice and pro shopper alike.

A must see for those looking for unique mirrors, crystal, silver, art and various types of furniture. Frazer Antiques Staff members are very friendly and helpful when it comes to questions about Estate Sales, liquidations, down-sizing, and even for those needing decorating ideas.

With ramps for hand-trucks and wheel chair access, along with Handicap parking spaces, let alone being convenient to major highways and thoroughfares, as well as being able to pick up and deliver (see store for details), what more could one ask.

Why Antiques?

Today’s furniture offers some advantages. However, Antiques offer workmanship that would costfurniture4 manufacturers a lot to provide, which would be passed onto the consumer. And, it seems most consumers, especially in today’s economy, are not willing to pay higher prices for items they may feel are disposable.

But what is “cheaper”? A lower initial cost for items that will need to be replaced in a few years, or quality workmanship that will last for decades?

What if you’re not an antiques aficionado, or able to tell the difference between the “Real thing” or an impostor? And have to rely on the Dealer? Where does one go or who do you trust? Well, that’s why we did the shopping for you.

chinaExperienced with the whole minutia of dealing with “Estate Liquidators”, where those scheduled to show up never did, and where those that did stated vastly different prices for the same items. Our quest was then to visit and interact with several Antique Dealers and stores. Only by auspicious circumstances did we discover Frazer Antiques.

Many Dealers and their places of business offer good advice and have great reputations. However, what we were more interested with, was the greetings, the willingness to sincerely assist, and the floor plans. Frazer Antiques offered the best results in all aspects.

Having been around for more than 26 years, and successfully serving a truly diverse group of customersFrazer Antiques and Dealers, without a single bad experience, surely helped us in suggesting Frazer Antiques as a key place to start your search.

Along those same lines, Frazer Antiques is also a great place to start shopping for that special piece of artwork, furniture, collectible, or lamp. Open seven days a week (barring major holidays), they offer informative, selfless, and communicative Dealers, willing to help you with items, even if it’s not part of their collection, speaks volumes about who they are.

So take it from us, either start with Frazer Antiques or at least give them a call before you finalize any decision about selling or buying anything!



351 Lancaster Avenue
Frazer, PA 19355

• 4000 square feet
• 25 dealers
• 25 miles west of center city Philadelphia
• All major credit cards accepted


Multi-Dealer Shop
T:  610-651-8299

Website:   FrazerAntiques.net

Hours of Operation

Open daily 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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