June 22, 2024
Video Marketing hits the mark

Capture the Moment

Capture the Moment

…and Nothing captures an audience like a Video!

Take the Plunge with MainLineBiz.com
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Whether it’s a fundraiser, a sponsored team event, a Company Outing or Picnic, or if you’re looking for a fun way  to promote all of those ‘business milestones’ Put down that Cell Phone and let the Professionals at MainLineBiz.com help.

With a full range of High-End Microphones, Booms, HD Video and Digital Cameras, our Crew can come out to capture your special occasion.  If needed, we can use Teleprompters, write Scripts, develop Graphics, and edit with your final approval, the whole thing, so it looks great, sounds great, and even offer background music that will get the audience tapping their feet!

The Mind Can’t Absorb, what the Butt Can’t Endure!

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

MartyFeldmanWhich is why we use Video Cameras and Not devices that can also “Shoot” videos.  We couldn’t even imagine Star Wars filmed using a tablet or Cell phone…  Which is why Manufacturers designed and developed Video and Film Cameras to capture and provide outstanding results, right?

Remember, if you take the easy way out,  your audience will know it.


If you want your Videos to work, sound is actually more critical than the quality of the Video — been to the movies lately?  It’s not only important to properly capture the spoken word, but other aspects can affect the quality of sound (e.g.; the music, overwhelming noises, etc.).  Unless, it’s your point to irritate the viewer.

Let’s Give ’em something to talk about.

Click to watch the promo for Hops & Helicopters.

Why do a Pre-Event Promotional Video?  To give people personalized advanced notice to mark their calendars and come be part of your celebration. Plan on putting it together 1-2 months prior to the event to ensure content and editing is on target and ready for posting when the time is right.

You wouldn’t go to all the trouble of organizing a party and not send out personalized written invitations, right? …Well consider a pre-event video your ‘written invitation’ that can be shared over and over on Facebook – increasing the chance of MORE attendees at your event!

Call us for details at 610-707-2157, and see if you qualify for a non-profit discount!

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