May 29, 2024
This Main Line Life

Reboot Series: Enjoy The Holidays!

Don’t blink or you might miss it! — that’s right, the Holiday Season officially gets underway in less than a week when Thanksgiving rolls around. Before you start stressing, take some time to focus and check out what local blogger, Julie of This Main Line Life, suggests to put some Happy back in your Holidays!

This Main Line LifeWe all have such high hopes for enjoying the holidays don’t we? We have visions in our heads of warm winter scenes, laughing with family and friends and relaxing vacation days… but that’s not what we get is it?

I think most of us are stressed out at least some of the time and often don’t get to the fun stuff. Maybe this year, it’ll be worth while to stop and take inventory before the holidays really get underway. Maybe if we reboot our approach, we can all have a more pleasant holiday season. Here are some things that I’ve found really help me to enjoy the holidays.

Sometimes, all we need to do to feel better during the holidays is to adopt a new attitude. Decide to have fun with it. Spend your time thinking about the good parts rather than worrying about or replaying the bad parts…

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