June 22, 2024
Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation

All Creatures Great and Small

Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation Needs Your Support. In this Season of Giving, how about considering a donation to the Animal Fund at Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation! Check out this really cool way to give back to the 4-legged community who add to our local living History.

Colonial Pennsylvania PlantationAnimal Fund

In centuries past, winter was known as the starving season. Throughout the year, the entire family worked together to grow, harvest and preserve the things they needed to survive the winter. You, too, can play a role in helping our living history farm to survive — by donating to our Animal Fund.

In 2009 the Animal Fund was created to address the need to provide our animals with adequate food and veterinary care especially through the months that the Plantation is not open to the public. In 2010 the Fund was expanded to include funding the purchase of specific heritage breeds of animals, some which are critically endangered. One example of this is our Hog Island Sheep, which are typical of the type of sheep a farm like ours would have had. The Plantation is in a unique position to not only educate visitors about rare and threatened animals but to also aid in trying to save them.

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Source: Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation

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