May 29, 2024

Planning your Outdoor Spaces this Spring

In anticipation of an early Spring, so the groundhog tells us, The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society offers some sound advice on how to improve your ‘ground’ game!

Even if your space is limited, don’t miss the chance to color your world with pollinator-friendly plant containers that help the birds-n-bees do their job and improve our environment. It will definitely add to your Zen Zone – check out the article below and GO GREEN!

Resolutions for a Healthy Garden

Pennsylvania Horticultural SocietyStart the new year with an environmentally healthy plan for your outdoor space—whether you have a patio, small garden plot, or acres of land, you can contribute to a healthier, greener world in your own space. From creating pollinator-friendly flower beds to ensuring the health of your soil and using organic gardening treatments, the following ideas will help you begin the new decade with a refreshed and refocused dedication to gardening for the greater good.

Plan Ahead 

Assess the light conditions in your outdoor area before you purchase anything—drawing a map showing where, and for how long, the sun hits different areas will help you choose the right types of plants that will flourish. Do you have full sun—six hours or more? What about full shade, or something in between? East-facing gardens will get morning sun, while west-facing will benefit from late afternoon and early evening. It’s also helpful to look at your area after a heavy rain and see where water has puddled or drained well. “Remember gardening is a fluid, living activity,” says Glenn Ashton, Head Gardener at PHS Meadowbrook Farm (pictured above). “You can transplant and move things around. Take your time at the beginning of the season or with a new space—you can always make adjustments.”…

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