June 22, 2024
Paoli Massacre

Walking Tours of the Paoli Battlefield!

Listen closely and you shall hear the Revolutionary tale of what happened on that fateful night of September 20, 1777. 

Local Historian and President of the Paoli Battlefield Preservation Fund, Jim Christ, leads the tours.  He knows the movements and strategies employed that day by the Brits against the Patriots. British intelligence determined that General Wayne’s forces were encamped near the General Paoli Tavern near present day Malvern. Wayne also made the mistake of leaving his camp exposed. But why?? If you have similar questions about the battle, rest assured, Jim has the answers! If only General “Mad Anthony” Wayne had Jim by his side as an advisor, the outcome may not have resulted in the Paoli Massacre. 

The walking tour begins at the Malvern Arts Building in the borough, and progresses through the ‘Swamp’ , the trails in the woods, and onto the Paoli Battlefield. Tours run from 1:30 to 3:30 PM and you’re welcome to bring along a folding chair for stops made along the way.

The cost for the tour is $20, but well worth it to learn about the impact of our local history.  Click Here to get signed up for the next tour on July 31st.

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