June 22, 2024
School of Rock Main Line music program for kids

School of Rock Main Line positively inspires New Generations!

Find your place in the Music at School of Rock Main Line.

Find your place in the music at School of Rock Main LinePut aside your preconceived notion of music lessonsSchool of Rock Main Line music program for kids for the kids. School of Rock Main Line has redefined the mundane into a fresh, dynamic, character-building program, that not only teaches kids the use of an instrument(s) but collectively involves them in the process of putting together an entire show. Engaging students in this way helps build self confidence and instills a sense of Teamwork – necessary skills that will enrich their young AND adult lives.

At School of Rock Main Line, learning music in a lesson room is just the beginning. We get kids playing on School of Rock Main Line music program for kids
stage as quickly as possible, teaching them to play as soloists and as part of a team. This immersive method motivates them to be their best, helping them learn skills faster and more thoroughly.

As both rockers and educators, School of Rock Main Line’s instructors are passionate about creating a legacy of music by helping your kids succeed in music and beyond.

Available Programs


At School of Rock Main Line, our Performance Program puts our students front-and-center on a real stageSchool of Rock Main Line music program for kids for real performances. Students get to show off their killer music skills while learning serious teamwork as they and their bandmates refine their abilities through some of rock and roll’s greatest hits.

Main Line students will blow your mind with advanced performances chock-full of hits by famous artists such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Frank Zappa, Queen, and many, many more! For our students, real performances breed real skill, and real fun.

Rock 101

School of Rock Main Line’s Rock 101 Program encourages fun and success for our younger students as they begin their journey. The days of traditional instruction with piles of sheet music are over. At School of Rock Main Line, we believe that playing real music is the only path to proficiency and a true appreciation forSchool of Rock Main Line music program for kids music.

In Rock 101, students select one instrument to study, and we begin teaching fundamentals: scales, chords, notes, time signatures, and all the rest. Our unique approach to music instruction teaches our students vital fundamentals through songs they know and love, not rote memorization. With real musical context in a fun environment, we give all of our students the knowledge they need to really pursue their passion for music.


School of Rock Main Line’s top students can audition for our most prestigious honor: the School of RockSchool of Rock Main Line music program for kids AllStars Program. Our AllStars represent the best of the best students from School of Rock’s entire global network of schools. With incredible musical aptitude, a knack for teamwork and incredible focus, today’s AllStars truly represent the future of rock and roll.

Each summer, our AllStars embark on an authentic concert tour to perform in jaw-dropping live shows across the country, including Red Rocks, Lollapalooza, Hangout Music Fest, NAMM, Gathering of the Vibes, and countless others. AllStars also get to share the stage with experienced, larger-than-life performers like Alice Cooper, Eddie Vedder, and Slash, to name a few. There is no better way for a star on the rise to get a taste for what professional music is really like.

Adult Performance

School of Rock Main Line is now enrolling for our Adult Performance Program, where adult students of all proficiency levels can explore and conquer the world of music. We get our students playing and learning at lightning-quick speeds through practical performance rather than run-of-the-mill music instruction programs. At School of Rock Main Line, the thrill of the performance is just as important as learning the skill to rock.

Our adult students learn the fundamentals of music, including scales, chords, notes, progressions, and more, through some of the most iconic songs and sounds in music history. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of rock ‘n roll or a metal-loving head-banger at home in the mosh pit, our teachers know how to best connect your love for music with a passion for learning it.


School of Rock Main Line’s Rookies Program offers a gateway to understanding music for first and second graders. Using proprietary set-ups for guitar, bass, drums and keyboard, as well as other tools, we introduce our Rookies to music fundamentals in a fun way. The skills and passion for music that our Rookies learn prepares them for Rock 101 and a lifelong love of music.

With exercises, tools and games customized to their age group, our (geomodifer) Rookies learn the concepts of music theory, rhythm, pitch, form and dynamics as they play alongside their friends. We encourage our students to explore various instruments and play styles so they begin to understand how individual contributions form a band; even the best solo keyboard players or vocalists need to understand how an ensemble works.

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