May 29, 2024
Just Add Water Band coming to Duffer's Tavern

Just Add Water – The Classic Rock Band


Just Add Water Band keeps Local Classic Rockers Rollin’!

When you hear certain songs, they can instantly transport you back to your youth, even to a specific date and time.

Just Add Water Band
Max on Keyboards, Rich on Drums, and Ken Schulte voguein’ for the camera!

When Just Add Water plays those Classic Rock hits, you’d swear your hearing the original artists with that original beat-n-sexy rhythm …which made you run to Tower Records and slap down a Hamilton for that vinyl… and BAM – you’re back in your heyday.  Which is a phenomenal feat for a band when playing live.  Much depends on the size of the venue, the acoustics, etc., but these guys seem to defy the odds and consistently put on a phenomenal show.

151124_SetShoot_0006aThe band was formed back in the Spring of 2005 specifically to play Classic Rock.  There have been a few personnel changes over the years, but the four core members: Rich Burns, Brian Stutzman, Ken Schulte and Mike Rosati still remain.  Max Sandler joined the band in March of  2011 as a keyboard player, which allowed the band to play cover songs by groups with a keyboard player, as well as to provide synthesizer and horn emulations.

Each of the members brings their own collective experience with a variety of musical genres.  Max Sandler’s experience includes playing in local bands, as well as a stint as Neil Diamond’s first keyboard player back in the late 1960’s.  Well that’s a Cherry Cherry on top!

The band consists of the following members:

Rich Burns – Leader. Drums, lead vocals

Dean Gallagher – Electric Guitar, lead vocals

Mike Rosati – Electric Guitar, lead vocals

Ken Schulte – Bass, vocals

Max Sandler – Keyboards

Brian Stutzman – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, lead vocals

The band prides itself on a high and exacting level of musicianship and professionalism, and the band members enjoy engaging with their audiences to generate a fun, party atmosphere.  If you’ve seen them in the past, you know what we’re talking about.  If you haven’t experienced the Boys at their Best …well take a listen…

If you’re planning a Party and a Classic Rock band fits the bill …the recipe for a Smash Hit is… Just Add Water!


Rich Burns
T:  484-437-7027

Max Sandler



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